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Bolland skating; Hossa, Huet to face Blue Jackets

By Jeffrey Bartl

When I saw Dave Bolland at the season-ticket holder holiday gathering, I asked him how he felt. He sat in a chair most of the night, periodically getting up to take pictures and sign some autographs. Bolland told me, “Ugh, awful.” I wasn’t too optomistic of his recovery, to say the least.

A month later, Bolland is back skating  saying he is pretty much pain-free. Whew. The plan is to have him practicing during the Blackhawks eight-game road trip and to suit up before the Olympic break. It’s great the ‘Hawks have been this successful without him, but I can’t wait to get him back.

Speaking of, Marian Hossa will be back in the lineup, per Chris Kuc, after missing Sunday’s debacle against Anaheim. It also seems Coach Q is going to trot Cristobal Huet back onto the ice after coloring the crease brown with the nasty shit he took in the third period against Minnesota. Hopefully his four-day break will do him some good.

As I wrote earlier this week, it’s going to be interesting to see how the Blackhawks respond to last weekend’s shit storm. The quotes from the Blackhawks this week seem to be pretty business-like without the usual everything’s-going-fantastic-let’s-have-a-laugh type quotes. Uncharacteristic? Yes. What they need? We’ll find out tomorrow against Columbus.

Some other junk:

— Looks like David Haugh gets to write some more Blackhawks-related Chicago Tribune fluff pieces for at least the next six years. Rocky Wirtz extended John McDonough’s contract through 2016.

— If you’re heading to the game tomorrow, grab a copy of Sam Fels’  wonderful creation, The Committed Indian. This guy will be your guest writer for the night. After reading The Indian, stop by Section 326, Row 12, Seat 11 and buy this short blonde guy a beer.

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