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Yes, Blackhawks DO have killer instinct

By Jeffrey Bartl

It’s the best start possible to a long road trip — two games, two victories against division rivals, taking the overall points lead in the NHL. I won’t say I was urinating myself in jubilation every moment of each game, but I’ll take four points no matter how they’re earned.

The Blackhawks’ back-to-back wins in Columbus and in Detroit give them 72 points on the season, putting the ‘Hawks 14 points ahead of last year’s squad at this point. After a couple of scares last weekend, the two victories — including one on national television — show the ‘Hawks still have the swagger we hope they never loose.

Of course, Steve Rosendouche doesn’t see it that way. He makes a point to say this Blackhawks team doesn’t have a “killer instinct,” blowing opponents out of the water and closing them out without so much as a question asked.

Rosendouche referred to last weekend’s collapse in Minnesota, plus giving up early leads in the 6-5 win against the Blue Jackets and Sunday’s shootout win against the Red Wings. He’s right — there was nothing to be happy about with Minnesota’s loss, and the two victories this weekend weren’t ideal.

But to say this Blackhawks team doesn’t have a “killer instinct” is just pure douchebaggery. Stop writing in the moment, jackass, and take a look at the course of the season.

Take a look over the game results and count how many times the Blackhawks have scored first and held the lead to win. I’ll give you a hint — it’s at least nine, which is the number of times the ‘Hawks have shut out their opponents this season.

And even if you don’t want to take the time to count, Rosendouche and everyone else should at least remember the domination at San Jose in the Black Wednesday Massacre and the New Year’s Eve destruction of New Jersey. If anyone is looking for killer instinct, re-watch those games. Pure domination.

Giving up two-goal leads is frustrating and nothing more. It’s going to happen. The game doesn’t end and teams don’t fold up because the Blackhawks score first. If anything, it motivates a team more to come back on the best team in the NHL.

Rather than looking at this past weekend as a sign of weakness like Rosendouche, I view it to be a sign of character and strength. The Blackhawks took the lead and let their opponents back in the game, but they had the will and determination to recover and score big goals when needed.

With a couple of exceptions, the Blackhawks have done that all season. If Rosendouche would start watching some games, maybe he’d realize that.

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