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Any questions, ladies?: Blackhawks 4, Oilers 2

By Jeffrey Bartl

If there were any remaining questions whether or not John Madden is a stud muffin — on or off the ice — this picture should provide your answer. He should be allowed to do whatever he wants, when he wants. Wait, he already does whatever he wants. Either way, I love him and you should too.

A few hours before the Blackhawks faced off against Edmonton, pictures were released of a limo party in Vancouver where Madden, Patrick Kane and Kris Versteeg shared drinks with average-at-best-looking chicks. Check out the rest of the pictures and story here at Orland Kurtenblog.

While I’m sure this will get some attention, nothing major is happening here. Three of-age teammates out on the town bonding and having a great time. Granted, Kaner’s pants are undone but hey, a kid’s allowed to have some fun.

As for the game, the Blackhawks did exactly what we all hoped — bounced back with a convincing victory against a sub-par team that looks as if an AHL has a chance to beat it. The 4-2 score was a lot closer than this game ever got.

Jonathan Toews wasted little time in helping the offense make a statement, potting a goal short side under a minute into the game on the ‘Hawks’ first shift.

Troy Bouwer scored the second goal of the game when Kaner did what he usually does — maintain possession, scan the defense and put a picture-perfect pass on the stick of a teammate. For at least the second time this season, Brouwer got caught on camera during his goal celebration saying to Kaner, “Hey, great fucking pass man.” Just beautiful.

Dustin Byfuglien got his 13th of the season on a re-direct off a Duncan Keith shot, one of two Keith assists on the night helping him set a career-high in helpers. That beer and boobies in the limo must have provided some lift because Versteeg ended a five-game scoreless streak with an assist on the goal.

Marian Hossa netted his 14th snatching a rebound in the slot on the power play and blasting it into a wide 4×6 opening.

The Blackhawks did surrender two goals, both of which Cristobal Huet had little chance on. Fernando Pasani tapped in a puck that trickled behind Huet, who may have been able to avoid the situation but made the initial save — the only one a goal is responsible for making. The puck was bouncing around so much off skates and sticks and balls that the camera could barely keep up. I don’t blame Huet for that one.

Ryan Potulny’s third-period goal was a result of Niklas Hjalmarsson’s terrible giveaway behind the net that led to a one-on-one from roughly seven feet out.

The ‘Hawks outshot Edmonton 37-24, and the Oilers’ total is inflated by 11 third-period shots when they were firing way to get back in the game. Oh, and Huet made a ridiculous sprawling save with 10 seconds left and an empty net at the other end. Eat it, meatheads.

Next up is another showdown with the San Jose Sharks in The Tank tomorrow night. Hopefully the ‘Hawks will keep the partying to a minimum between now and then. Or, hopefully they don’t get caught posing for the pictures this time. One day, they may end up like Greg Oden did, here.

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