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‘Hawks lost. Time to trade everyone away again.

By Jeffrey Bartl

Holy living hell. Want to know what I hate more than a meathead who gets their panties in a jumble over the goaltending after every loss? A meathead who gets their panties in a jumble over the goaltending after every loss and gets paid for it.

Steve Rosendouche has struck again, telling us all how last night the St. Louis Blues showed us what the Blackhawks need: A “vicious” defenseman and a goalie. I hate this son of a bitch with a passion.

The Blackhawks did not lose last night because of goaltending. The Blackhawks lost because of the biggest problem that faces this team night in and night out: Its propensity to turnover the puck in its own zone countless times. All three goals came off ‘Hawks turnovers in their own end, leaving Cristobal Huet out to dry. There’s a reason Coach Q is sticking with Huet, and it’s because he’s smarter than Rosendouche and all the other meatheads who seemingly refuse to pay attention.

It’s starting to get out of hand that each loss has another person throwing in the proverbial towel, making ridiculous comments about what the Blackhawks need to improve. Could they use some depth on defense? Sure, I wouldn’t mind snagging a vetern to enhance the defense.

If you think the Blackhawks need an enforcer or another goaltender to win the Stanley Cup, start focusing your attention on baseball season and leave us hockey fans alone. The Blackhawks have to improve their gameplay with the current roster that no addition could help.

The Blackhawks don’t plan on changing their top two defensive pairings, nor do they plan on changing the top three lines (not counting the return of Dave Bolland). Those lines and pairings are where the bulk of the turnovers are taking place, in turn leading to goals. Duncan Keith and Andrew Ladd made brutal turnovers which led to Blues goals last night, and Brent Seabrook decided to screen Huet and deflect a goal past his own netminder. Plus, Keith also made a horrible turnover at the end of the first period which led to a breakaway.

So, your top two defensemen and quality forward made a couple of bonehead plays leading to shots only Lady Luck could save. Do a “vicious” defenseman or another goaltender prevent this from happening? No.

It’s just that it’s easier for Rosendouche and the meatheads to bitch about something that requires no thought. It’s easy to blame goaltending. There’s a guy in front of the net, and his job is to stop shots. If he doesn’t stop EVERY  shot, he’s an asshole. That’s easy.

The Blackhawks have fought the least in the NHL this season. Fighting is part of hockey. The Blackhawks need an enforcer. That’s easy.

It’s much more difficult to realize how bad turnovers lead to missed chances and more quality opportunities for the opposition. Right now, that’s the ‘Hawks biggest problem. It’s not a matter of puck control, it’s a matter of controlling the puck at the RIGHT times.

Last night, the Blackhawks didn’t do that. THAT’S why they lost.

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