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Hawk Nation makes St. Louis its own

By Jeffrey Bartl

What an unbelievable trip — from what I remember, anyway.

I have never seen this many Blackhawks fans in one place other than the United Center. The crowd at the Scottrade Center was overrun with ‘Hawks fans, making the crowd a near 50-50 split for the 2-1 victory against St. Louis. It was surreal.

The beer was flowing, the support was nuts and the day was one big crazy debacle that ended up being one of the most fun times I’ve had. Apologies again to Sam over at Second City Hockey  for apparently poking him in the eye after Jonathan Toews’ goal. Sorry buddy, but those were big beers they were serving — and I had a lot of them.

As for the game, Antti Niemiplayed a hell of a game. Between him and the penalty kill, it was more than enough to come out of Chicago Jr. with a win and send the man with the best pornstar name in the NHL, Barret Jackman, home crying. I hate that piece of shit more than I hate mushrooms, and that’s saying a lot.

Other than Toews’ goal and Patrick Sharp’s doorstep tap-in in the first period, the Blues controlled most of the game. The ‘Hawks easily could have lost their fourth straight. I don’t want to call this win lucky — mainly because I had so much fun rubbing it in the faces of Blues fans before, during and after the game — but it’s close.

Thanks to all the Blackhawks fans who came out and made it such a great experience. If you were there and have a great story to share, put it in the comments. I’d love to hear it. And if you attended with tickets from Second City Hockey, be sure to thank them again.


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