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Blackhawk Link-Up: More goalie crap; Wild for Barker

By Jeffrey Bartl

Haven’t done this in awhile, but here’s a look around the Blackhawks blogsphere:

Reading around the Internet today, everyone seemed to have two things in common: 1) Being shocked at Q-Stache’s decision to start Antti Niemi against Columbus and sending Cristobal Huet to a month-long hiatius between starts; 2) The Blackhawks need this Olympic break — bad.

As much as I hate this F-ing debate regarding the ‘Hawks goaltending, it’s a curious decision to give Niemi four straight starts and give Huet an assload of time wearing the baseball cap given the amount of backing Q-Stache has had for Huet this season.

  • Still, not everyone is convinced Q-Stache is “passing the torch.” (Fifth Feather)
  • Maybe Q-Stache is trying to get a rise out of Huet to start playing better. (Second City Hockey)
  • Jesse Rogers says Niemi is more likely to bail out his team after a mistake than Huet. Of course, he presents no evidence of that. I remember many games Huet should have given up at least three more goals but bailed out the team with a big save or 10. (ESPN Chicago)
  • CT saw no reason to single out any Blackhawk for having an off day yesterday, reiterating that this Olympic break is what some of these guys really need. (Hockee Night)
  • Very disheartening news for my man crush: John Madden to the IR. (Inside the Blackhawks)
  • Paint It Blackhawks’ three stars from Sunday. No Jake Dowell? Goal AND an assist?! (PIB)
  • Troy Brouwer is the F-ing master. (Blackhawks Confidential)
  • Finally, Michael Russo of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune is all aboard the Wild’s trade for Cam Barker. Why? Take a look at Barker’s performance Sunday: Goal, +3, 20:46 of ice time. (Russo’s Rants)

Now, can someone please tell me what the living shit is going on with Kris Versteeg? After being a finalist for the Calder Trophy last year, I had a man crush. I loved him, wanted more of him and was dying for him to have a great season. Son. Of. A. Bitch.

I’ve written about this before, and yesterday’s “eat shit” from Q-Stache has me livid over his play this season. Versteeg played a grand total of 4:54 yesterday because, “I just didn’t like the way he was playing,” coming directly from Q-Stache. Christ.

At least I don’t have to watch him for two weeks. Time to enjoy some Olympic hockey.

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