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Blackhawks vs. Preds, Game 3: Beware of Chief Playoff Mullet

By Jeffrey Bartl

The geniuses over at came up with yet another awesome T-shirt: Chief Playoff Mullet. Go buy one, it’s that good.

Onto the game, as tonight begins a 0-0 best-of-five series between one team continuing to play its own disciplined style (Nashville) and another trying to play the other team’s disciplined style, only better (Chicago). The Blackhawks changed the pace from Game 1, shuffled the lines and got a solid performance from  Antti Niemi  on Sunday to win Game 2 to send the series to Nashvegas tied up.

We all knew Nashville’s plan consists of making these series very unappealing on the eyes. The Blackhawks love to fly up and down the ice using their amazing skills to increase pace, shots and eventually goals. The Predators counter that by making the game boring, and they’ve done a pretty good job in the first two games. They earned their split, and Nashville probably took more positives out of Game 1 and 2 than the ‘Hawks did.

Predators blog Section 303 pointed out today that Nashville is right in the thick of this series, and may even have the advtange heading into tonight. The key? Get pucks on Niemi. In Game 1, Nashville accomplished that feat and got a bouncer to trickle in and a rebound goal. Game 2 saw the ‘Hawks stymie the Preds as Niemi made the saves he needed to without much standing-on-his-head antics necessary.

Though the Blackhawks need to simply play Nashville’s style of play better than the Predators do themselves, the key tonight for the ‘Hawks will be to get up early. Get a goal in the first period, add another early in the second period and quit heading into the third period with it being a one-goal game. We’ve seen pucks go in the net every which way so far in this series, meaning a stupid little bounce can completely change the game — just like Game 1. Now that it’s best-of-five, things like that can’t be game-changers.

Face-off is 7:30 p.m. from the Sommet Center, where there are roughly 23489572348957234 tickets still available for Game 3 and 4. Hike your skirts up — it’s time to get a victory for Chief Playoff Mullet.


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