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The Daily Esposito (12/23/10)

By Unknown author

Only five former feather heads took the ice last night, combining for just three points. Two of those came on the goal variety. Two of those skaters were on the ice at the Madhouse last night and combined for a minus 3. Glad to see that our boys came out to play and took it too the boring Nashville Predator defensive play. Also I want to send a thank you to Brendan Hayes who sent me an email informing me that I have not included Ethan Moreau in the Daily Espo. I will include him from now on. Thanks to those who have emailed me as well. I want to also say that if anyone has anything else that they see I miss or think I should be adding please let me know. Thanks. So without waisting anymore time, heres last nights rendition of the Daily Espo. Enjoy!

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Craig Adams – Pittsburgh
12:41 TOI, minus one, two shots

James Wisniewski – New York Islanders
21:40 TOI, one assist (16), plus one, two shots

Dan Cleary – Detroit
19:50 TOI, one goal (15), one assist (10), plus two, one shot

Steve Sullivan – Nashville
15:56 TOI, minus two

J.P. Dumont – Nashville
12:29 TOI, minus one

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