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The Daily Phil Esposito (1/13/10)

By Unknown author

Very busy night for the former hawks last night, in that there were only two skaters to take the ice. On his off night, John Madden went partying but managed to keep his shirt on, while Khabibulin got drunk and drove home. No big deal. The two former hawks that did take the Ice did as much as the two who were in the United Center last night, which is nothing. The two Av’s players didn’t play, they watched the Hawks shut them out, and how bout that? Our boys look like they make have figured some things out. Killing penalties and scoring on different lines, Ill leave the evaluation to Bartl, but I think he might actually be happy with this outcome. Enjoy!

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Craig Adams – Pittsburgh
10:50 TOI, minus one, 1 of 2 on face-offs

James Wisniewski – Montreal
23:23 TOI, minus one, 4 PIM, two shots

Craig Anderson – Colorado
Benched in favor of Budaj, and we saw how that went.

David Koci – Colorado
Healthy Scratch Last Night

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