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The Daily Phil Esposito (1/26/11)

By Unknown author

There were eleven former featherheads on the ice last night and they combined to score two points which were both goals. Tonight is the last night which there will be games before the All-Star break until games start back up next Tuesday. I will have an All-Star Espo for former Hawks that do play in the game out next Monday.

With this being the All-Star break, I will put out my two cents of the Hawks this season. First of all after watching last nights game I am sick to my stomach. The inconsistency is killing me. The defense seems to have bad habits of being out of position and have left Corey and Marty out to dry a lot this season.

Another thing that I have beef with is that Kaner needs to put on his big boy pants and step up. He has been better of late but still needs to start racking up points. All season I have listened to Bartl bad mouth Skille and I kind of disagreed with him until the last couple games. He had showed a lot of hustle but he makes dumb mistakes and he looks like he is trying to hard to make things happen and that has led to many mistakes. On top of that Stalberg needs to start playing like the guy that Bowman said he was. Nick Boynton sucks. Lastly Dave Bolland who has been playing well of late, needs to start being consistent on face-offs and act like he cares.

I have a lot more to say but I will leave the rest of the analysis to Bartl and Tim for now. I just wanted to get my frustration of my chest. Hope you enjoyed my rant and the rest of today’s edition of the Espo.

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Craig Adams – Pittsburgh
10:21 TOI, one goal (3), plus one, two shots, 2 of 4 on face-offs
First goal and point for Craig since December 28th.

Kris Versteeg – Toronto
16:09 TOI, minus one, two shots

Tim Brent – Toronto
11:37 TOI, two shots, 10 of 15 on face-offs

Sammy Pahlsson – Columbus
13:40 TOI, two shots, 12 of 14 on face-offs
That is a very impressive night at the dot. 86% Dave Bolland needs to take some pointers from Sammy

Martin Havlat – Minnesota
19:35 TOI, one goal (14), plus one, three shots
Very nice goal by the former hawk, he skated really well tonight and he looks healthy for once. Congrats to him for getting to go to the All-Star game.

John Madden – Minnesota
12:39 TOI, 1 of 8 on face-offs

Cam Barker – Minnesota
13:59 TOI, plus one, 2 PIM, one shot

Colin Fraser – Edmonton
6:03 TOI, plus one, two shots, 2 of 5 on face-offs

Jim Vandermeer – Edmonton
18:19 TOI, plus one, two shots
Thank you to Busby Hill for bringing it to my attention that Jim was still playing.

Adrian Aucoin – Phoenix
24:10 TOI

Radim Vrbata – Phoenix
16:19 TOI, one shot

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