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Effort ain’t enough: Boxing with Blackhawks/Canucks

By Jeffrey Bartl

QStache said it. I’ve heard and read others say it….

If the Blackhawks play this way the rest of the season, the playoffs will be a lock and they’ll make some noise on top of it.

Me? I’m not buying that for a second.

The problem with that statement is that we’ve said it way too often. There’s a consistent thought among us fans that we need to take the positives out of a season like this, especially knowing how embarrassing it will be for the ‘Hawks to miss the playoffs after winning the Stanley Cup just last season.

Click the jump for Boxing with ‘Hawks/Canucks, 2/4/11

All Friday told me, despite the blown calls, was that a solid effort isn’t enough against top-tier competition like Vancouver. Sure, that effort would have beaten lesser teams and two points may have been earned. However, with 30 games remaining, there are no lesser teams when you’re on the outside looking in at the Western Conference playoff picture. Every team from here on out needs to be treated like the best in the league.

The Canucks are just that, and the Blackhawks came up short. We can bitch about the refs, but the bottom line is the ‘Hawks didn’t convert on an extend 5-on-3, nor did they kill off the important penalties which Vancouver turned into goals.

If you miss out on those opportunities, you’re going to lose to the Islanders. Against the Canucks, those misses are magnified.

Corey Crawford starts Monday against Calgary, and Nick Boynton’s first goal as a ‘Hawk earns him a nice fluffy feature in the Chicago Tribune.

Ugh, onto Boxing…