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Too bad the ‘Hawks stunk, or this guy would’ve had more fun

By Jeffrey Bartl

Stubhub and Blackhawk Up were able to come together to give Paul Irmen a great time with two free tickets to Friday’s 4-3 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets. Must’ve been nice not having to pay for that egg-laying of a performance.

Paul was selected in a random drawing from the Facebook fan page, which nearly 300 people partcipated in. Congrats again to Paul, and thanks to everyone who put their name in the contest. Hopefully we can get StubHub to do this with us more often.

Paul has his own thoughts on the Blackhawks, which he wrote to me in an email this morning.

"I would love to see someone stand in front of the net and cause havoc for opposing goalies, I would love to see the guys we pay a shit load of money actually show up and play on a regular basis, I would love to see us not take stupid penalties when we have a penalty kill that a peewee team can score against.The sad reality is the Hawks need to make some trades and dump salaries in order to free up cap space for years to come or we will be in the same situation down the road as we are now.  The Hawks can’t sign Seabrook to a contract in the area of $5 million per year and expect to have money left over to do much more than what they did this year.  As much as I like our main defensive core, signing Seabrook would put over a 1/3 of our salary towards four guys and I feel that’s a problem.  Hopefully Stan Bowman is half the man is dad is and figures this all out and brings Chicago another Cup."

We’ll see, Paul. Congrats once again.

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