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The Daily Phil Esposito (3/3/11)

By Unknown author


Six former Blackhawks skated last night compiling four points, three were goals the other was an assist.  The two who stand out are John Madden and Rene Bourque. That flamer got lucky that the puck fell in his lap twice while he was near the net or had an open net… Bum. On the other hand, good to see John Madden having success, I always did like him, hes just too expensive to keep… ?

Enjoy fourth place for the day as well as Boxing from Bartl. Have a good one guys!

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Craig Adams – Pittsburgh
13:32 TOI, plus one, three shots, 2 for 8 on face-offs

Tim Brent – Toronto
14:17 TOI, one shot, 6 for 12 on face-offs

Dan Cleary – Detroit
17:39 TOI, 2 PIM, one shot

Martin Havlat – Minnesota
20:31 TOI, one assist (35), two shots

John Madden – Minnesota
17:14 TOI, one goal (10), one shot, 10 for 15 on face-offs
Noticed tonight that Madden was wearing the A on the chest. Congrats Johnny for being an Alternate there in Minnesota. His tenth goal equals is as many as he had last season.

Rene Bourque – Calgary
18:02 TOI, two goals (20,21), minus one, five shots, 1 for 1 on face-offs
Other than the two goals I didn’t think he played that well in the beginning of the game. Did have a good third period… He now haws 39 points on the season.

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