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The Daily Phil Esposito (3/15/11)

By Unknown author

Photo: Chicago Tribune

Five former ‘Hawks were in action last night notching just one point on the board which was an assist by Tim Brent. The one goaltender was SHELLED, to say the least, in the 2nd period and didn’t even make it halfway through the game. Very good night for the men in the Red Sweaters.

Oh and at the game last night I counted and the ice crew had a total of 13:36 TOI, which is almost 4x if not 3x the amount of time David Koci averages every night. Haha. So it looks like we has sorted out that ordeal. Hope you enjoy todays edition!


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Tim Brent – Toronto
13:18 TOI, one assist (10), 4 of 9 on face-offs
Has four points in his last four games totaling him at 18 points.

Martin Havlat – Minnesota
22:39 TOI, minus one, three shots

John Madden – Minnesota
14:37 TOI, minus one, one shot, 9 of 14 on face-offs

Ben Eager – San Jose
9:51 TOI, minus two, 2 PIM, two shots
HAHA, I talked with John Scott after the game and I said no fights tonight huh? He replied with “No one wanted to fight me.” I said “Not even Eager?” Scott replied with “Nah, he backed down, I tried a couple of times.” Showing that even big ol’ Benny Eager can’t step up to the Murderasaurus. Oh and thanks to Mr. Scott for signing my hat afterwards.

Antti Niemi – San Jose
Loss (17), 14 saves on 18 shots, .778 SV%
Very nice to see the boys shell Mr. Antti. He didn’t say no tonight that’s for sure!



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