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The Daily Phil Esposito (3/22/11)

By Unknown author

Last night there were just two hockey games, which doth went to a shootout. This was very damaging to the Blackhawks because of the four teams that played, three were Western Conference teams and they all received at least one point in the standings.

Between the two games there were only four former featherheads to take the ice. They were able to tally three points on one goal and a pair of assists. All three points came from the same game which played out to be a very interesting game as well. The Hawks hold their fate in their own hands right now, hopefully they can get the job done over the next two weeks. Check for Tim to have an update on the severity of Patrick Sharp’s injury later on. Keep your fingers crossed that it isn’t too serious…

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Craig Adams – Pittsburgh
11:38 TOI, one assist (9), plus one, one shot, 2 of 7 on face-offs

Dan Cleary – Detroit
21:45 TOI, one goal (24), one assist (18), minus one, five shots, 2 of 4 on face-offs
Goal was part of a comeback which the Red Wings were a part of. The Penguins had a 4-0 lead in the second, squandered it, only to win in a shootout. They got away with that one giving up two power play goals to tie it up.

Rene Bourque – Calgary
24:24 TOI, five shots

Michael Handzus – Los Angeles
21:44 TOI, minus one, one shot, 7 of 22 on face-offs
Won the game against Calgary in a shootout unfortunately giving the Flamers a point. The win pushes the Kings past the Hawks with 88 points, but they have played one more game than the ‘Hawks. If the boys come out to play tomorrow night and beat the Panthers, we will be back in a tie with the Kings and we hold the tie breaker. The Flames are now tied for 8th in the standings with Anaheim and Dallas, all have 85 points. The Flames however, have only 29 regulation wins which puts them last of those three teams, meaning they are in 10th, (technically) and have played 75 games, which are 3 more than the other teams.

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