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Seabrook Back, Luongo Starts: Game 6 Preview

By Tim Currell

Short one here before game time, as Chez Currell is a bit chaotic this afternoon.

Brent Seabrook passed his NHL concussion protocol late this morning, and will be dressed and ready to help this freight train deliver a win to the Blackhawks’ faithful at the Madhouse tonight. Canucks fans seem to think this spells doom for Chicago, since Seabrook has been the team’s rallying cry these last two games. Let’s let them keep thinking that, shall we?

You know in baseball, when a team is up by three runs and the other team’s at bat, and the pitcher’s running out of gas and walks three in a row? But the coach keeps him in the game for one more batter — and that batter hits the first pitch so far it passes through three different area codes before landing? Tonight, that coach is Alain Vigneault, and that pitcher is Roberto Luongo.

When Coach Pouty-Face made the defiant proclamation that LuLu Belle would start game 6 right after he left a steaming pile of poop in the crease in game 5, Canucks fans let out a collective groan. There are already tidbits floating around the blogosphere that say, in brief, fire the idiot. Vancouver fans are slowly realizing that the team has plenty of talent: it is their coach that has been screwing things up for the last three years. If the ‘Nucks don’t manage to win the series tonight, it will be interesting to see what kind of reception awaits Vigneault when he returns to Rogers Arena.

Administrative nonsense: the cheese-eating surrender monkey thinks he’s out-smarting everyone by not announcing his double-secret roster changes, but it’s easy to see he won’t have any. With Seabrook back in the lineup you’d be foolish to bet against John Scott being a healthy scratch alongside Jake Dowell, with Tomas Kopecky still out with Bell’s palsy.

6:30pm puck drop at the United Center, and if you’re going, you better come home hoarse! TV is the usual complement: CBC and RDS where they pronounce it “too-MOR-row” and Versus or Comcast SportsNet where it’s “tuh-MAHR-row”. Broadcast radio is WGN AM-720, and XM subscribers can hear the game on channel 204.

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