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Sofa King Depressing: Stanley Cup Defense Ends in Game 7

By Jeffrey Bartl

UPDATED APRIL 27 @ 10:47 A.M. with Henrietta Sedin’s asshole comment

The Chicago Blackhawks’ defense of the Stanley Cup ended just as it began — with an overtime goal no one saw coming. Fittingly, the Blackhawks’ season ended on an in-zone turnover, which has plagued them all season.

If you’re looking for any “Rah-rah! They came back from 0-3 and that’s great in itself!”, then go somewhere else. You’re not going to find that here. At least not yet. The ups and downs of tonight’s game have put me into a state of depression only alcohol can lift me from. And even that didn’t do much help tonight.

It’s going to take some time for me to gather up any rational thoughts regarding the Game 7 overtime loss, so your best bet is to check back later. I’m in no mood, and I can’t guarantee when I will be.

Not one thing is screaming positive to me, and rather than put up another post like the one I did in last year’s playoffs, I’ll just concede to the night and bury my thoughts deep inside one of the worst sports moments I’ve ever experienced in my 29-plus years on this earth.

UPDATED, APRIL 27 @ 10:47 A.M….

From Henrik Sedin following last night’s 2-1 overtime victory over the Blackhawks in Game 7:

"They had no business being in the series. We outplayed them badly for five games."

I officially hope he takes a puck to the throat in practice. The class of this comment rivals the stupidity of Canucks fans for chanting “CRAW-FORD, CRAW-FORD” when Corey Crawford was the best player on the ice for most of this series – on either side.

I wanted to come on here this morning and give Vancouver its due for being a good team and one that could make a run. I wanted to talk of the Blackhawks’ comeback from 0-3 and praise each team for handling their respective situations while discussing the overall excitement this series brought.

Now? Forget it. The classless comment from a guy who ended up minus-4 and without a goal is pathetic. Take your victory and move on, especially after Roberto Luongo had better hair than game for most of the series and since neither of the Sedins did a damn thing when Dave Bolland returned to the lineup.

All the Canucks did was keep from getting their horrible coach fired for another season, which I hope dooms them down the line. Go Preds.