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Hawks Add Firepower With Carcillo, Replace Campbell With Montador.

By Unknown author

The name should sound familiar. Danny Carcillo is an old foe of the Blackhawks, playing for the Philadelphia Flyers in 2010. The longhaired forward shows remnants of the days when hockey was about mustaches, no helmets and blood. The days the late Paul Newman would call the glory years.

He racked up 127 penalty minutes with the Flyers last year. Put him on a line with Bolland or Bickell and watch the power forwards light up the crowd and the lamp.

Carcillo brings a physical presence we have not seen since Byfuglien, and a fiery attitude similar to Burish’s. Not only will he be an instant fan favorite, but he will also add some much needed protection to the smaller players like Ben Smith and Patrick Kane.

The Hawks tried adding this type of physical presence with the monstrous John Scott last year, but he turned out to be a boxer on skates and not much else. With Carcillo on the ice you get a forward who will put the “check” back in forecheck.

Carcillo will be that physical spark the Hawks seemed to miss last year. His physical presence and hard nose play around the boards should open up the ice for our forwards to set up the offensive drive. And he is going to scare the hell out of opposing defenses. Would you want to battle in a corner with that guy?

A lot of fans were upset to see Brian Campbell be traded this past week. But Campbell’s bags were barely packed when they replaced him with defenseman Steve Montador. The defenseman is taller and heavier than Campbell, and can bring a defensive style of play we need in the organization. He recorded a plus/minus of +16 last year with the Buffalo Sabres and can average 20 to 25 minutes of ice time a game, giving Keith and Seabrook a well-deserved break.

Montador probably will not be pulling too many spin-a-ramas, but do look for him to lock down the blue-line on penalty kills. His defense-first style of play will keep opposing offenses from peppering Crawford.

Montador also is no stranger to the playoffs. He has played in 43 post-season contests for three different teams. As the Hawks add more young players from the farm system, leadership in the post season will be crucial. Look for Montador to help mold new defensemen like Campoli (who could have used more tutoring last year) and Leddy into star defensemen.

With these two major acquisitions this offseason other role players and a highly successful draft, the Hawks are looking to build upon their championship caliber to make them selves the next team to dominate an era. They will finally shove Detroit into the basement of the Central Division where they belong.

Marty Hobe