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Photoshop of the Day: Lu Waves The White Towel

By Unknown author

Just as I spent the summer of 2010 joyfully basking in the Blackhawks‘ Stanley Cup victory, this summer has been made enjoyable in a Schadenfreude sort of way by Vancouver‘s ultimate demise in the Stanley Cup finals. Make no mistake, Vancouver is the Morgoth of the NHL.

Filled with pride, anger, malice, lust, jealousy, and envy, and by way of whining and diving, the Canucks threatened to bring about the destruction of all we hold sacred about the game we love. They came close, but as in any fairy tale ending, they were ultimately defeated.

Okay honestly, it’s a slow news day and there’s not much material to photoshop during the summer, so I’m going for the low-hanging fruit. Sue me. Admit it though, Vancouver’s folly still brings a smile to your face…

John Schultz, lead writer for BlackhawkUp. Follow me on Twitter @ChiNativeSon.