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Photoshop of the Day: Bruins Bear Mauls Bettman

By Unknown author

Last week, Puck Daddy announced a photoshop contest. The objective was to insert the Bruins Bear into a photo from Boston’s playoff run or Stanley Cup celebrations.

If you’re not familiar with the Bruins Bear “Know the Rules” marketing campaign, just search Google or YouTube for “Bruins Bear commercials.” You’ll be glad you did. I’d personally love to see this type of marketing here in Chicago (and I know just the right person for that job). Here’s one of  my favorites, “Don’t Date Within the Division.”

But… she’s so pretty!

As you might expect, I submitted multiple entries to the contest. The results should be announced next week and I’ll be sure to mention if I’m a winner. Regardless, I’ll post a link to the Puck Daddy gallery since Wysh’s contests are always worth a few guffaws. In the meantime, here’s my original submission. I doubt this one makes the cut, but this is definitely a commercial we would all love to see made.

But… all I did was touch it!

John Schultz, lead writer for BlackhawkUp. Follow me on Twitter @ChiNativeSon.