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Kane’s Wrist Surgery A Major Concern?

By Unknown author

A fractured bone in Patrick Kane’s left wrist will need surgery next week. Reports say he will return for training camp and the injury shouldn’t spill over into the season.

Kane believes he suffered the injury in the Vancouver series but didn’t notice it until his off-season workout program began. Kane says he wants to become stronger, less like the childish kid we drafted on 2007 and more like an NHL superstar.

The actual injury itself will be of no concern to the Hawks. But ever since Kane suffered an ankle-injuring hit on December 5 against Calgary, he has seemed to play with a passivity that caused eyebrows to rise.

The fear is that Kane will become one of the would-be-great players whose careers are ruined because of injuries. A good example of this is former Blackhawk Eric Daze. He was a top player for the Hawks until injuries took him out of his game at the prime of his career.

Before Kane’s injury, he had only missed two games his entire career. After the injury, Kane’s numbers dipped. Compared to last season, he recorded 15 less points. Also his plus minus dropped from a 16 to a 7. In the playoffs, his shooting percentage went from last year’s 15.6% to a mere 4.5%.

With this all in mind, is it worth even having Kane work this hard to become a bigger star? He puts up all-star and Olympic caliber stats when he is healthy. Why risk him hurting himself by pushing it too hard?

The matter that concerns me the most is his shot release. The reports say that he will heal completely and will play just the same, but we see it in baseball almost every year. A star pitcher pushes it too hard and hurts his most vital body part, his shoulder. Kane’s most vital body part is his wrist. Kane’s release on his snap shot is one of the quickest in the league. If this injury affects Kane’s shot, his path to stardom might be detoured.

This wrist injury is one that brings concern because it is a nagging injury. He will still be able to workout with it and he won’t miss a step in his off-season. It’s the regular season when the Hawks hit their stride that this injury may become a big factor.

Marty Hobe