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Preseason Prior to the Puck Drop Prognostications

By Unknown author

Just a quick couple of blurbs here before tonight’s game…

On Monday, I wrote that I was opposed to the idea of Kane at center for a number of reasons. After taking a couple of days to let the idea sink in, I’m no longer opposed to it, I just don’t think it’ll work.

Fact: Hossa needs a playmaking center who can get him the puck.
Fact: Kane and Hossa can’t both play RW on a line with Toews, and neither of them is flipping to the left side.
Fact: Sharp isn’t a playmaking center.
Fact: Bolland is more valuable on the 3rd line.

Question: So how do you get your best playmaker on the 2nd line with Hossa?

Answer: You move Kane to “center.”

If your definition of center is “the guy who takes draws” then maybe Kane’s a center tonight. Other than that, I don’t believe we’ll see too much difference in his game.

I do really like the line of Brunette-Kane-Hossa though and expect they’ll do well tonight, further extending the life of this experiment and hurling the Blackhawks’ blogosphere into a Thunderdome-level debate.

Detroit is resting some of their older, decrepit players (so about half their lineup, right?) and Kane’s line will get some easy matchups, which should allow them to clean house if they have some instant chemistry.

Predictions for Kane’s line tonight:

  • 2 even strength goals, maybe another for one of them on the PP, or a total of 6 line points
  • Kane: 38% from the dot
  • Over 60% of draws in the offensive zone

We’ll see how it goes. Hey, it won’t be a bad thing if this works out. Actually, it would outstanding. Again, I just don’t have my hopes up too high and I don’t feel there’s enough time to make this “a thing.” It’s Q though, so you never know. Stay tuned.

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