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Sharp Does it Again

By Stan Cooper

According to scientists, more people die every year world wide from falling coconuts than from Shark attacks.  For those of us watching the first two periods against San Jose Sunday night, we wouldn’t be any wiser.  There was not a lot to like after the first 40 minutes as San Jose out shot the Hawks, 33-13. The only reason it was close was Ray Emery, who was busier than a busboy, stood on his head. I don’t want to have to pour another drink so I won’t rehash the first two periods. The game for the Hawks really started in the third.

Between the second and third period, Quennville  must have decided, perhaps with input from his crew, that we needed a bigger boat. His starting forward line was Kane, Toews and Sharp as it so often is when we’re struggling. It was a great move.  Right off the bat, this line was a thermostat that set the temperature for the rest of the game impacted the outcome.

Antti Niemmi reminded Hossa and everyone else that he was responsible for some of the hardware laying around at the UC. He made several huge saves and kept Blackhawks fans with a stiff drink in their hands 19 minutes and 30 seconds into the third. Outplaying them in the third after getting dominated in the first two frames felt like a reverse Bears/Broncos game. Barber running out of bounds was that last icing San Jose took and the finish by Hossa and Brunette was Barber’s subsequent fumble.

The game-winning goal felt more like of a magic trick by Sharp. I pictured him walking out of a smoke cloud with a newborn baby in one hand and his second straight OT winner in the other. I’m still bitter about the Bears game but every once in a while God throws on his Hawks jersey, too (Probably an Al Secord or Murray Bannerman).

We’re now 4-3 in OT games at home this year. The tribe have a huge game Wednesday in the Twin cities. I would imagine Coach goes with Emery in the paint. Here’s to hoping we bring that 3rd Period effort into Minnesota’s saddle dome.

Excited to ride that Roller Coaster at Mall of America before the game,


P.S. If you haven’t already, go back and click the link to Coach Q at the top. I think its the facial hair.

Cooper J. Forbes

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