Blackhawks News

Slip Sliding Away

By Keith Schultz

Its starting to look like this Hawks team is starting down the path of the Bears team did! The Hawks are slip sliding away because our defense well if yo

u can call it that has disappeared in the past week! How do you go 9-1-1 then go 1-4 with the only win in that stretch being Detroit Yes Detroit??  Columbus where are you?( AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

What is Stan going to do now? A week ago the sense was that only a minor tweek or two would need to be made to help push a roster ready to make a deep Stanley Cup championship run over the top, but now major issues that have been covered up by great offense is being scene for its ugly self.  Nick Leddy is turning into a defensive liability and he continuous to log 20 minutes of ice time and collect – nights. Niklas Hjalmarsson is collecting -2 nights as well, only Duncan Keith has been consistent over the past month.

If the Blackhawks continue on this path they could lose not only first but second place in the Central Division, and this is without any serious injuries to our star offensive players, thankfully Daniel Carcillo only hurt himself when he lost his mind against Edmonton.  The worst stat to fear is that only Anaheim and super lowly Columbus have given up more goals than the Hawks.  Some of that has been rebound control from the goalies but the vast majority of it has been the lack of defense in front of Corey Crawford andRay Emery.

Does everyone remember what last season was like waiting for other teams to fail to sneak into the playoffs? We let two goals in the last seconds of the first and third period last night to cost the Hawks the game and at least a point.  Our defense is hurting us and a band-aid isn’t going to fix it.  Don’t let the good start to our season slip away Stan!! Defense wins championships and the Blackhawks are built offensively to win the Cup, Fix our defense or Bust Stan!