Blackhawks News

0 for 2012

By Keith Schultz

Sunday night’s game was a major let down after the great start the  Chicago Blackhawks had against the  Detroit Red Wings.  An early power play goal and then a great play by Patrick  Sharp put the Hawks up 2-0 and the feeling was that the route was on, BUT this is 2012 and the route was derailed by some questionable officiating and the Hawks not capitalizing on some opportunities.

First off,  the cross-check on the Detroit’s 2nd goal that was not called was pretty blatant and missed badly by the officials.  Nick Leddy was going to the crease for the puck and got cross-checked and Detroit got a gimme goal.  It seems that the Hawks are consistently on the short end of the stick on penalties or no calls.  NHL conspiracy from the 80’s is the reason old school fans and reporters would claim as the reason, but overall watching games it seems that most games do not get an A rating for the refs. The worst part for the PA personnel is that there are four refs out there these days not three so they can’t play the three blind mice song after bad calls!

After the second period started there weren’t a lot of opportunities until Jimmy Hayes missed on his penalty shot attempt.  The announcer were excited to see him take the penalty shot, but there wasn’t much creativity in the shot.  That said Jimmy Hayes has been a very good call up!  Overtime was exciting until Detroit got Corey Crawford down and out and banked in the winning goal.  With that goal the Hawks are still win

less for 2012.  The Blackhawks have lost every way possible this calendar year. Lead against the Oilers before they got Daniel Carcilloed, lose in the final seconds in Philly. They were outworked in a shut out against Colorado and they lost in OT to Detroit. You really can’t point your finger to one thing and say if we just changed this we would have won that game.  (Photo by Jonathon Daniel/Getty Images)

With all that being said, 2012 will change for the Blackhawks tonight because the AHL (cough cough) NHL franchise from Columbus comes to town with their impressive 11-25-5 record!  With Patrick Sharp out 3-4 weeks this will be a good starting point for Coach Quenville to get the young guys set on lines and dominate a weaker opponent! Jimmy Hayes and Andrew Shaw have been very impressive and hopefully they will continue to impress. Ben Smith gets the call up after Sharp went on the IR, so youth will be served tonight in Chicago.

0 for  2012 ends tonight in the United Center! Looking forward to hearing the horn followed by Chelsea Dagger a lot tonight!  LET’s go HAWKS!!!!