Blackhawks News

“Clark” Kane Steals The Show

By Greg Boysen

Patrick Kane proved why the burrito named after him has double the cheese! Kaner cheeseballed his way into the spotlight a became the talk of the NHL All Star Skills Competition. It was nice to see Kane in a positive spotlight for a change. I am sure he was very happy to not have people talking about his lack of scoring and dopes on Twitter wanting to trade him. With no Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin in Ottawa, Kane did a great job to put himself in the limelight again. Maybe Kaner needs to petition the league to have a flip cup tournament added to the event so he can excel again next year.

The Breakaway Challenge was the most fun part of the night, by far. Between Kane’s Superman slide and exploding puck and Corey Perry using Darren Pang’s goalie stick there was a lot to enjoy. Carey Price and Brian Elliot were having a ton of fun with the event too. At one point Price “Tebowed” and had his back turned to the Flyers’ Sean Couturier, where he used the reflection off the glass to make the save!

I’ve always enjoyed the Skills Competition better than the All Star Game itself. The weekend is off to a very good start with rowdy draft on Thursday. Then Joey The Jr Reporter was as cute as ever during media day on Friday. Zhedo Chara’s 108 MPH shot was a major highlight of a great Saturday night. Hopefully the game this afternoon can keep up the pace!

One a quick note, looks like Marian Hossa will be on a line with Marion Gaborik and Pavel Datsyuk. Patrick Kane will be centering a line with Jamie Benn and Jordan Eberle