Blackhawks News

Back Away From the Ledge!!!

By Keith Schultz


Wow what a difference 3 periods makes!

After a good effort that resulted in a road point in a overtime loss to the Canucks, the Blackhawks laid the proverbial egg in the third period last night in Edmonton.  If you read any article or anything on Twitter the Blackhawks season officially ended last night and Stan Bowman is a big giant dummy!  Put the equipment away, close up the U.C. and start preparing for the draft. Blackhawks fans are in full panic mode.

Deep Breaths everyone! We are not the Orlando Magic about to lose Dwight Howard.  Yes we need some defensive help and yes our goaltending is inconsistent at best some nights, but we have one of the best offenses in all of the NHL.  We can score goals with anyone and I’m confident that this offense will carry us farther than a 2nd line defensive pairing trade pick up will.

If  anything recent sports history has shown us is that getting to the playoff party is what counts.  Getting hot at the right time win championships in 2010’s. Only 4 #1 seeds in the past 12 years have gone on to hoist the cup.  2 wild card teams have made it to the super bowl the past two years.  Get hot towards the end of the season and in the playoffs is the new fad. Corey Crawford or Emery can be inconsisitent this time of the year, its one of them getting hot come April, May and hopefully June that will win a Cup back and make a deep run in the playoffs.  Hot goalies at the right time equal wins in the playoffs, just get to the dance.  Patrick Roy was a good regular season goalie, but once every five years he got super hot in the playoffs.

Home teams are suppose to win.  Detroit has won  16 or more straight at the Joe. It takes a great game by the visitors to win, and the Hawks aren’t going to win every game on a marathon 9 game stretch.  Our awesome offense will put out the Flames tonight and all will be well in Hawkdom. Well except for the defenseman we need……

By the way its hard to believe any Oiler tied a record held by Gretzky!! That isn’t just tying anyYahoo club record.  Thats like Taj Gibson tieing a Michael Jordan record last night,   Great game by the Oilers last night but on the road to the Stanley Cup,  Edmonton has just been two very painful chapters not the entire book of the 2011-2012 season!!

Lets go Hawks