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Eight is Enough!!

By Keith Schultz

Eight is Enough (ABC,Walter Helfer)


To quote Vince Lombardi ” What the hell is going on out here”???  The Blackhawks have lost 8 straight games and it is really mind boggling.  They continue to lose every which way possible usually starting with and ending with defense and goal tending!  Now The Blackhawks are getting shut out!!  Change is imminent it seems!!

If there is a glimmer of hope or a light at the end of the tunnel or the road trip it is if you look back in history to the 2009-2010 team that went through a bad stretch after the Olympic break.  The Hawks went 5-9 during the first month after the Olympic break while the Hawks now have gone 0-6-1 after the All-Star Break.  So history shows that this ship can get turned around and start winning again, granted this streak is far worse than the play of the Hawks in their Stanley Cup season but they still played poorly defensively back then before turning it around in time.

Different voice

Cody mentioned this in his sky is falling post that maybe its time for a different voice to be heard from the bench.  I truly believe that Coach Q would be taking  some serious heat about keeping his job if he wasn’t the one that led the Hawks to the Cup just two years ago.  That or Stan knows that he saddled him with poor defensive talent with a serious slumping Crawford.

The one thing that i see and i know i’m not a coach or pretend to be one is cohesive lines instead of changing them up daily seemingly.  Watching hockey in the 80’s Gretsky always had Kurri  and Savard had Larmer, they were always on the same lines.  Playing on the same line for a extended period of time just seems to add to better play and scoring.  I understand there are injuries and lines get jumbled and you have to insert big turds like Scott and Bickell into the lineups but having Kane on everyones line or at center obviously has stunted some of his scoring this year!  All i know is that coach Q leash should be getting shorter daily!!

Light at the end of the tunnel

So when will the streak end?  Will the Hawks be able to play with Nashville or go to MSG and beat the Rangers?  Has it gotten this bad that the only streak buster the Hawks have is Columbus?? Seriously we should be competing and beating these teams and all we have to look forward to is Columbus?!?!  Grab the smelling salt and wake up boys!! This season is sinking Wake up before this becomes a lost season on TVLand!

Go Hawks!!