Blackhawks News

To Overcome Depression

By Keith Schultz

ESPN the Magazine has a very rare hockey piece in this weeks issue!  Rivalry pictures of the Blackhawks and Red Wings.  Not much to the article but some great old and new pics of both teams.  The Bobby Hull with Gordie Howe pictures are the best!

This may not cure your depression nor will calling a 1-800 number but the few pics may help momentarily end this 8 game depression as fans!  As a sports fan and hockey fan I wish that hockey was back on ESPN for the nightly coverage it would get and maybe create more national appeal that has left since the lockout.  They only trot out Barry Melrose seemingly once a week and then again during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Now hockey is just stuck in the middle of bull riding and Tour de Name your country bicycle races on Versus or the channel that used to be called Versus.

You can only defeat depression once you recognize you have hit rock bottom! Hopefully the Hawks have that realization on their way to Nashville and come out and play 60 minutes of hockey  during  Tuesday nights game, but while we are waiting for that team to arrive enjoy the article and classic pictures  by ESPN and put down the phone! The cure for this depression is 1-800-Hawks-Win!

Go Hawks!!