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Ryan Miller: The Story That Just Won’t Die

By Greg Boysen

The Ryan Miller trade rumors have more life to them than Richard Simmons drinking a double expresso.  The idea of him coming to the Blackhawks will just not go away.  Reports today have Miller saying he would waive his no trade clause to come to Chicago.  This just dumped a whole lot of gasoline on the fire that is the Patrick Kane for Miller rumors that the mouth breathers in this city can’t get enough of.  Let me set the record straight, the Chicago Blackhawks  will NOT trade Patrick Kane for Ryan Miller.

With that being said, I didn’t say the Blackhawks won’t try and trade for Miller, but its highly unlikely.  If Buffalo is willing to trade Miller I think the Hawks can get him without even mentioning Patrick Kane or any other “core” player.  The Sabres are not one player away from contending, or else they would not even consider moving Miller.  They need a lot of help in the form of prospects and draft picks.  What do the Blackhawks have a lot of?  Ding ding!  The Blackhawks could woo Buffalo with a package of 2 top prospects some picks and even throw in Niklas Hjalmarrson or Corey Crawford to help offset Miller’s 6.25 million dollar cap hit.

I know Miller is not having a good year but I think the “Let’s Go Buffalo” chants have finally sucked the life out of him.  If there is ever a guy that needs a change of scenery he is it.  I doubt this trade will ever happen, but if it went down like this I would have no problems with it whatsoever.