Blackhawks News

Power Surge Needed!

By Keith Schultz

The Chicago Blackhawks are on a 3 game winning streak going into tonight’s rivalry game against Detroit, and some things have dramatically turned around since ending the 9 game losing streak! The defense has played remarkably better, and the return of  Corey Crawford’s good play, while stopping 44 of the last 48 shots on goal, during the current winning streak.

The one aspect of the team that needs to reappear especially tonight against the Detroit Red Wings is the power play.  The Hawks have gone 0 for what seems like forever but its 30 chances on the power play.  This is head scratching  since the team is chalk full of offensive firepower standing 5th in the league in total goals with 189 trailing only Detroit, Vancouver (it really sucks trailing both of them in any category)  Philly, and Boston.  The power play currently ranks 19th, 33 out of 201 chances 16.3%   Last year the hawks were 4th in the NHL with 64 out of 277 23.1%.  The good news while looking at the stats is that in their Stanley Cup season they were only 16th ranked 52 out of 294 17.7%

I’m not sure if picking up a new defenseman to help on the point during the power play is the answer but it seems like there is no system to our power play.  Sometimes we dump and chase, other times we are carring it in trying to do the cycle.  But in a division that is, the best in the NHL,  every team has a system we seem to look confused at times on the power play.  Most of the time we getting too cute, trying to make the extra pass, while most of the times most shots from the point are getting blocked.  Either way the Hawks have to find a way to get this unit going and to get more pucks on the net during the power play.

The power play unit i believe is the key to beating Detroit tonight, they have to get one if not two chances in the net to extend the streak to four and to get a little more breathing room from the bottom of the playoff pack!  Here’s to another great outing at the UNITED CENTER!! And please don’t let it end 3-2 Detroit in OT again!!

Lets go Hawks!!!!