Blackhawks News

2-23-12 The Day that kept getting worse!

By Keith Schultz

The day started out with the news that Jonathon Towes was in a car accident downtown.  According to multiple sources he was fine, but the circling news that he might have a concussion is very disturbing.  For some reason hockey players and concussions are indefinate injuries while in other sports like football it usually means a week off.  It’s almost like concussions are to hockey like rotator cuff surgury were to pitchers in the 80’s, and ACL injuries to running back in the 90’s.  Just the mention of concussion and Towes has to make every Hawk fan disturbed!!

Secondly, everyone it seems in the Western Conference collected points last night except your Chicago Blackhawks! Everyone that is ahead of us got at least a point if not two.  Seriously, did every game have to go to Overtime so that Predators, Blues, Canucks, and Detroit could gain more space between us?

Lastly, the day ended even worse in the third period.  In what was an extremely boring game in which the Hawks lost every stat on the stat sheet in the third period.  The hawks did something that they hadn’t done all season and that is lose a game in which they were leading going into the third period.  They only gave up 10 shots through 2 periods but allowed Dallas Stars to get 15 shots on net in the third and three pretty ugly/weak goals got threw.  Amazingly the Hawks were out hit 41-15 and they were thoroughly out worked.  The Betty Crocker recipie for a loss reappeared after a 4 game stretch of winning, the same things showed up shaky goaltending, defense, toughness, and another 0-fer on the power play (0-33 now)

Monday is the NHL trade deadline day and the Hawks need to be extremely active i believe as do many.   Before monday the Hawks have back to back games in Cali.  Lets get 4 points and head home with some new talents for a Stanley Cup run.  Only 6 points separate the Hawks from no playoffs so there will be no time to let off the gas for the rest of the season.

Lets go Hawks