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Observations From Section 321: She’s Out Back Counting Stars

By Greg Boysen

Blah! That is exactly how I felt leaving the United Center last night.  It’s a feeling I experienced many times leaving the UC last season.  A complete let down.  I think I jinxed it with a conversation I had with my buddy who I took to the game.  There was a stoppage of play with 14 minutes left in the 3rd period.  We both agreed that a 2-0 lead would be good, but one should be enough.  At that point the Stars had 11 shots on goal through 46 minutes.  I said the only way the Stars would score would be off a deflection or a fluke goal.  I need to learn to keep my big mouth shut some times!

  • The defense, who have been playing so well, completely stopped playing in the last 10 minutes of the game.  They got very lazy and sloppy.  Let downs like this are unacceptable.
  • Once Dallas tied the game the Blackhawks played for overtime and they got burnt.  This is unacceptable too!
  • What happened to the team that was willing to get to the net and get dirty for goals?  The team that beat St Louis and Detroit by playing a simple game and working hard.  They did not show up last night.  Too many cute drop passes.  Too many stretch passes from the defense.
  • Bryan Bickell played a good physical game last night.  Who knew?
  • I think my Patrick Kane bobblehead had a better game than the real Patrick Kane!
  • Michael Frolik got his name on the scoreboard for something other than a double minor! Way to go big guy!!
  • Good job by the Hawks not taking any penalties.  That is hard to do against a team full of guys you want to punch in the face like Steve Ott!
  • So if Ryan Braun has herpes (allegedly) does that mean his doppelganger Mike Ribeiro has them too?
  • Dylan Olsen needs to learn how to skate.  He is very very sloooooooooow.
  • I called a friend of mine who works at O’hare last night just to be sure Adam Burish was on Dallas’ flight out of town.
  • John Scott 2:22 of ice time.  Enough said.

My Blackhawks Player of the Game

Going to give the nod to Patrick Sharp.  He seemed to be the only player in red who gave a crap in the 1st period.  He lead the team in shots with 4 and had a few blocked as well.  Had he not clanked a shot off the post in the 2nd period the game could have been a lot different.

My Turd of the Game

Got to go with Marian Hossa on this one.  Yes he did score the Hawks only goal, but that was more of being in the right place after Michael Frolik’s hard work.  It seemed from the opening face off Hoss just didn’t care much about this game.  He had more than one lazy turnover in the 1st period.  Just watch the game tying goal in 3rd to get more evidence of this.  Hopefully this was a one time occurrence.   With Jonathan Toews not making the trip to California this weekend, we need #81 to step up his game.