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Blackhawks Add Oduya, And Say Goodbye To John Scott

By Greg Boysen

As a rather uneventful NHL trade deadline has come and gone, the Blackhawks added some depth to their defense by acquiring Johnny Oduya from the Winnipeg Jets.  The Blackhawks gave up a 2nd and 3rd pick in the 2013 draft in exchange for the veteran defenseman, who will be an unrestricted free agent at season’s end.  In a late move Stan Bowman sent John Scott to the New York Rangers for a 5th round pick causing meatballs all across the city to curse his name.

At first, I kind of shrugged at the Oduya move, especially for 2 draft picks but I don’t think it is a horrible move.  The draft picks are for 2013 not next year.  The Blackhawks system will be stacked by then so those picks are not as valuable as first thought.  Oduya is not a top 4 guy, but he will make our bottom 2 stronger.  He can move the puck well and is physical.  I tend to look at his numbers with the New Jersey Devils where he was surrounded by some talent as opposed to his Thrasher/Jets days.  Lets face it folks, there were no big defenseman out there to be had.

The trade of John Scott shows me that Bowman is saving Q from Q.  I am sure he was sick of watching Scott take 3 shifts a game and really offering nothing to this team.  The fact he got a 5th round pick for him is pretty damn good.  I am cracking up bu the amount of people who upset by this!  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Scott and he is a great guy.  If he had half the talent as he has personality he would be an All Star, but he is just no damn good at hockey.

The Hawks still need a 2nd line center, but again there was not one to be had.  Rumors had Bowman pushing for Mikhail Grabovski but the asking price was too high.  Buffalo got a 1st pick for Paul Gaustead so I can only imagine what the price was Derrick Roy.   I am fine with Bowman not overpaying for a rental player.  The bottom line is, if the players the Blackhawks have play up to their full ability we don’t any big trades.  Bowman is taking a beating right now via social media, but I don’t have a problem with what he did or didn’t do today.

There were no major moves made today because there were not that many teams selling.  This is one of many reasons to get rid of the 3 points games. The few teams that were selling were asking way too much for what little they had.  Bowman was smart by not giving up the farm for slightly better than average players.