Blackhawks News


By Keith Schultz

The KING (of getting Twitter bashed) is dead!! Long live the King!!  The torch officially has been passed today, it began with Nick Boynton and it was held this season by John Scott and now Bryan Bickell holds the title of the player that will get blasted the most nightly on Twitter and message boards!!What will i do without the nightly John Scott ice time stats, and turds on ice comments??

I’m sure Mr Bickell will fill in nicely, he is softer than an ice cream cone from Dairy Queen!  It’s pathetic really that when questioned on the bench during the game what Coach Quenville’s biggest concern was he said that it is always checking!!!  Bickell is 6’4″ 223, he should be a monster around the boards!  One of the Ducks almost took off Leddy’s head last night and no one responded! Bickell gets one good check in a week, when he should be getting one good check in a shift!!!

While your reading this I have one more rant…. UPON FURTHER REVIEW what was going on with the review of the Ducks goal at the end of the first period??  A. why did it take so steaking long B. Where was the visual evidence?  Do i think his stick hit it? probably. The announcer even said that Toronto said it basically assumed that the stick hit it in, but there was never any visual evidence!! What’s the point of having replays and reviews if you are overturning calls that cannot be 100% accurate?? The NHL needs to have specific paramaters for replays!

The trades today were very vanilla, did they help us? Maybe.  Did the trades hurt us? No.  It definetly wasn’t the kick start everyone believed it was going to be for the Stanley Cup run!

18 game post trade deadline sprint to the playoffs starts Wednesday at the U.C against the Maple Leafs.  The Hawks are 4-12-1 in their last 17.  The momentum needs to start ASAP!!

Let’s Go Hawks!!!