Blackhawks News

Blue Tuesday

By Keith Schultz

Glass Half Full?

So are you a pessimist or optimist?  You know, everyone annoyingly has to say every time you are pessimistic about anything… Glass half empty guy!  So are you the optimist, that says going 2-1 on a three game road trip and getting 4 points is great, or are you Mr. Pessimist that says there are only 14 games left in the NHL schedule and you cannot get the doors blown out like that this close to the end of the season!?!

According to Twitter (which is the truth of all truths) the Hawks looked liked they had extra pep in their steps at practice yesterday, after their big win against Detroit.  I guess they left that pep at the practice rink because they were outplayed every which way and how, and the stat sheet can prove it, in any area!!! St. Louis Blues outshot the Chicago Blackhawks 31-20, outhit them 27-11 (do the hawks every out hit anyone?) lost faceoffs 31-28…… and oh bye the way lost on the scoreboard as well 5-1!

St. Louis is an incredible 27-4-4 at home and are now 34-0 when scoring 3 or more goals.  Jaroslav Halak won his 6th straight win.  All this adds up to why they are first in the Central Division and first in the Western Conference.  They hit, they play good defense, they have very good goaltending, and they score enough goals to win.  Their style is not exciting to watch, but neither is Nashville’s, but these are the teams that the Hawks struggle against.  Physical teams with a very tight system, give the Hawks fits and they did tonight.  The Hawks need their big guys to hit and hit and hit again!! If not they will continue to outhit us, and in the end hurt our team!

Patrick Sharp’s almost goal was basically the end of the night for the Hawks.  They were beat soundly tonight.  They get the NY Rangers at the UC Friday night, and don’t you think that they will be out for revenge from when the Hawks, at the end of a 9 game losing streak, marched into MSG and demolished them???

Discouraging note is that Jonathon Towes missed his 8th straight game, and he still has yet to skate at any practice.  This is seemingly taking a lifetime to go away.  At this pace I don’t see how he gets back on the ice before the end of the season( pessimist talking now)!  He is truly missed on night’s like tonight, well who are we kidding? The Captain is missed on every night, and we need him on the ice ASAP!! Get Better Soon Captain!!!

Getting zero points tonight means we stay only 5 points ahead of the 8th seed.  That is way to close for comfort!! It will be interesting to see if Ray Emery gets the nod Friday or will Coach go back to Dr Jekyll Crawford.  I think Emery deserves one more start at least before Q starts juggling goalies again!

Hopefully our Blue tuesday will turn into a TGIF at the U.C. against the New Yorkers!! Shake off this hiccup, and don’t start another losing streak. Losing streaks come April are called elimination!!! Let’s get a W!!!