Blackhawks News


By Keith Schultz

Duncan Keith has been suspended by the NHL for 5 games.  The Brenden Shanahan video for suspension was issued this afternoon.  The three points made in the supension video were


-No previous supensions


Keith’s hit was reckless and as stated in earlier post deserved a supsension. 5 games seems excessive especially when Shane Doan, a repeat offender, only received 3 game suspension from an elbow penalty 2 days earlier.  The sticking point by the league, doesn’t seem to be how many times you are an offender, but if the hit caused an injury! Daniel Sendin was injured by Keith, but Jamie Benn wasn’t injured by Doan’s elbow.

This seems to be an unjust way to dish out suspensions.  Everyone knows that the Sedin’s are made of glass and looking at them may cause injury, but when doing an act that could cause injury, how is the fact that the player involved gets hurt or not hurt by the same exact hit determine the extent of the suspension?

Anyways, Keith gets 5 games off and loses approximately $149,688 in salary. The cup half full guy will also suggest that he gets to rest up for the playoff run!  The next five games, Sean O’Donnell will be taking his place, and tomorrow practice should be a good sign as to which defensive pairings Coach Quenneville will put together.

Hopefully, this 5 game suspension will not end the Chicago BlackHawks good run of late.  Everyone has stepped up without Jonathan Towes in the lineup, they will have to band together even more without their defensive MVP in the lineup for 5 games!

Let’s go Hawks!!!