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Canucks Get Their “Justice”

By Greg Boysen

Brendan Shanahan laid down the law and gave Duncan Keith a 5 game suspension for his hit on Daniel Sedin. In my opinion this is a bit harsh for a player who has never been in trouble in with the league.  Yes, Keith deserves to be suspended but not for 5 games.  The league must be sick and tired of hearing Mike Gillis, Alain Vigneault and the rest of the Vancouver tribe cry.

If Daniel Sedin doesn’t take a run at Keith, with a high hit, earlier in the game the elbow never happens.  It still doesn’t make the hit right but Keith was provoked.  Another reason for the 5 games was because Sedin was injured.  If that is the case, how come Ryan Kesler isn’t getting a suspension for his high hit that injured Marcus Kruger? Oh that’s right, Kruger isn’t a Sedin.  Where is the phone call to Alex Burrows for kneeing Keith in the groin?  Keith was wrong for his hit but he wasn’t the only guilty one in that game.  The most disappointing thing about all of this is that Keith lowered himself to the level of the Canucks.

Maybe if the Blackhawks as an organization cried to the press something might have been done.  The Canucks have a long history of complaining and crying and it looks like it finally is paying off.  Lets not forget that this is the organization who has a statue honoring a man complaining to the refs.  I will enjoy watching Vancouver do what they do every year in the playoffs; self implode and blame everyone else but themselves for not winning the Cup.