Blackhawks News

Demons Rear Ugly Head

By Keith Schultz

Like a scene out of the Bill Murray “holiday classic” Groundhog Day, The 2011-2012 Chicago Blackhawks season has been a contest re-run with very few changes as the final horn sounds.  Speaking of horns since when is vuvuuela’s brought to hockey game?   Anyways almost the entire season can be summed (very frustatingly) up by the same statements game after game.

The Hawks Opponent will score first and lead after one period

This sure makes winning hockey games or any other sporting event that much more difficult.  Why can’t this team take the ice in the first period with a fire and determination, and score and dominate like they do in the third period??  If the Hawks do make the playoffs, this will be their first mistake each game before playing golf for the summer.  Playing from behind every game does not equal a winning formula!

The Hawks Power Play is___ ___ ___ ___

Fill in whatever phrase you want, but they are TERRIBLE, AWFUL, and IMPOSSIBLE to watch with the man advantage! Even better for 68 seconds with a 2 man advantage they didn’t even get a shot on goal! The Hawks are missing their best offensive and defensive players right now, but Marian Hossa and Patrick Kane are still out there and this special team is SPECIAL all right!

The Third Period will be owned by the Hawks.

No matter what the deficit (except when playing Nashville) the Hawks will fight, and scratch their way back into the game. Tonight the Hawks outshot the New Jersey Devils 38-22, but only one lonley shot in the third period by Brent Seabrook got pass future Hall of Famer Martin Brodeur. The tally also stopped Brodeur from picking up his 119th career shutout.

The Hawks stink at shootouts

When Patrick Sharp scored in the shootout, he became the first Hawk not name Jonathan Towes or Patrick Kane to score this season in a shoot-out.  This is hard to believe! Every practice has these types of one on one drills from pee wee hockey all the way through the ranks. How does our team only have 2 guys on their roster that no how to score.  Viktor Stalberg for all his speed is horrendous at shoot-out attempts!

Goal Tending is anyone’s guess every night

Corey Crawford going up against his childhood hero played an exceptional game, especially in the first period when he kept the Hawks afloat. The Hawks could have easily been down 3-0 after one period.  Crawford is consistently inconsistent! If he brings tonight’s game to every game to finish this season, the Hawks will be in the playoffs for certain, but as the case has been the entire season, nothing in goal should be taken for granted.

Five games to go and nothing is secure. Every point is huge and getting one out of the, New York City Public Works Dump site errrr New Jersey was big! The St Louis Blues are back at the United Center Thursday Night, any chance that the team  can play two mock periods before the game really starts so they can enjoy a first period lead?? Groundhog day is a funny movie, but it’s not a funny monologue for an entire hockey season!

Let’s go Hawks!!