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Observations From Section 321: A “Goalie” Game

By Greg Boysen

Last night’s game between the Blackhawks and the New Jersey Devils is what coach Joel Quenneville likes to call a “goalie” game.  The Blackhawks lost because arguably the greatest goaltender of all time decided to steal a game for his team.  I can live with Martin Brodeur doing that to the Hawks.  If a guy like Steve Mason did that I would be upset, but Brodeur has been doing this for many years.  There is a reason why no goalie has ever won more games than Brodeur.  With that being said, after a rough start the Blackhawks played well and had many chances to win the game.   The Blackhawks got a point in a game with no Jonathan Toews and no Duncan Keith.   If they play the same game against St Louis on Thursday they should be rewarded with 2 points.  On to the observations…

  • After the first 5 minutes of the game the Blackhawks played a very good defensive game.  They gave up a 11 shots on goal in the 1st, with half of those coming in the opening minutes.  They gave up just 4 shots in each the 2nd and 3rd periods.  Corey Crawford bailed them out early and they returned the favor the rest of the game.
  • Nice job by Brent Seabrook tying up the game.  He was in the penalty box for the Devils’ lone goal.  I love seeing guys redeem themselves within the same game.
  • Speaking of Seabrook’s goal, it’s amazing to see what happens when Bryan Bickell actually goes to the front of the net.
  • Viktor Stalberg had a great game.  He was all over the ice and had a team high 7 shots on goal.  It was a typical Viktor Stalberg game where he looks great but can’t get the puck in the net.  Stalberg has all the skills to be a big time goal scorer but just doesn’t have the finishing touch.  If that touch ever comes, watch out!
  • Andrew Shaw keeps playing well.  I don’t know how he keeps it up but he does.  As I said a few days ago, his line with Dave Bolland and Bickell can be very dangerous in the playoffs.
  • Marian Hossa did not have a good game.  Looks like he had a case of the yips as he was turning the puck over quite a bit.  The Blues should be very afraid.
  • Patrick Sharp scored in the shootout.  No I’m not kidding.

My Blackhawks Player of the Game

Corey Crawford had himself a very good rebound game.  It was nice to see him come back and look in control after his awful game on Sunday against Nashville.  He bailed the Hawks out in the 1st period and was the main reason they were able to pick up a point.  Hopefully this will be a big boost for his confidence going forward.

My Turds of the Game

The Blackhawks power play is killing this team right now.  For the 2nd straight game they couldn’t even muster a shot on goal with the man advantage.  They even had a 2 man advantage for 1:08 and couldn’t even get a shot.  All these guys do is pass, pass, pass.  Nobody moves, nobody creates any shooting lanes.  Try playing below the goal line.  Force the defense to turn  around and leave the crease.  That is certainly better than watching Patrick Kane pass the puck when he is in prime shooting area.