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Pennsylvania: A State Of Disgrace

By Greg Boysen

I think it might be time to have the state of Pennsylvania removed from the Union.  First they gave us the child rape enablers at Penn State and then there was Rick Santorum.  Yesterday the state’s two hockey teams put on a disgusting display of pure thuggery.  As someone who loves the game of hockey I had to turn off the game, it was an absolute joke. I hate both of these teams and they proved why I do yesterday.   The Pittsburgh Penguins completely lost all control and embarrassed themselves.  They were getting their asses handed to them and decided to just goon it up. The Philadelphia Flyers are no choir boys either and are not innocent by any means.

The Penguins are the biggest bunch of hypocrites I have ever seen.  We had to listen to Mario Lemieux cry about head shots and how he wants them outlawed and then we got to watch James Neal’s act yesterday.  Neal left his feet and targeted the head of Sean Couturier  and then later he hit Claude Giroux in the back of the head.  Of course after his hit on Giroux he tried to get right to the Pens bench, what a coward! Wishy washy Brendan Shanahan needs to make a stand and make an example of Neal.

It didn’t stop there either.  Arron Asham gave Brayden Schenn crosscheck to the throat punched him in the head after a clean hit on Paul Martin.  Asham is a caveman and there no place for him in the NHL  This was absolutely disgusting and he should be suspended for a long long time.  It continued with Kris Letang pulling Kimmo Timonen’s sweater over his head and throwing numerous punches.  For some strange reason Sidney Crosby thought he was an enforcer.  All he did was make himself look like a bush league player.  Craig Adams came to his rescue after he tried to start with Scott Hartnell.  Adams jumped Hartnell from behind and threw several punches to the back of his head and pulled his hair a’la Alex Burrows. 

All of these actions have no place in the game.  The talk of banning fighting is starting to get louder.  With the deaths of enforcers Rick Rypien, Derek Boogaard and Wade Belak over the summer and the violent start to the post season more and more critics will want to remove fighting.  Yesterday’s game and what has happened in the New York/Ottawa series and the Shea Weber incident is not fighting.  Traditional fighting does serve a purpose in hockey.  Rarely does anyone suffer a serious injury during a proper hockey fight.  If it is removed from the game I feel we will see more of what happened in Philly not less of it.  Brendan Shanahan really has his work cut out and needs to make a statement so he doesn’t lose control of his league.  That is, if hasn’t lost it already.