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Game 5 Preview: Raffi Gets The Book

By Greg Boysen

I hope Raffi Torres has been smart with his money because he will have a lot less of over the next few months. Brendan Shanahan finally manned up and made a statement by suspending Torres for 25 games.  This suspension will cost Torres over 500 K in game checks.  This is a ruling that had to be made.  Torres has a long history of playing out of control and having no regard for his fellow players.  Shanahan is making a bold statement telling the rest of the league that players like Torres are no longer welcome in the NHL.  It is a good start but Shanahan has a long way to go if he truly wants to rid the sport of the ugliness that has plagued this playoff season.  Depending on how far the Coyotes go in the playoffs Torres could miss the first quarter of the season next year.  You would think a suspension like this will wake Torres up, but I doubt it.  We are not dealing with the brightest color on the crayon box.

They say the elimination game is always the hardest to win, so hopefully that holds true for the Coyotes over the next 3 games. This franchise has never won a playoff series in Arizona.  The last time they won a series was way back in 1987 when they played in Winnipeg.  Since moving to Phoenix they have blown a 3-1 series lead on 3 separate occasions. Phoenix will be with Lauri Korpikowski and Martin Hazal again for Game 5.  The Blackhawks have their backs against the wall and must win or else its an early tee time on Monday.  The Hawks stars need to make their presence known for the first time in this series.  Jonathan Toews will center a line with Brandon Saad and Andrew Brunette. Marcus Kruger will be in between Patrick Kane and Patrick Sharp.  The 3rd and 4th lines will remain the same.  Corey Crawford was first off the ice at practice which means he will start tonight. There was some talk of making the switch to Ray Emery but it looks like Q is staying put with Crow.  For some reason Sean O’Donnell will be in as the 6th defenseman which I think is a horrible decision.  The Blackhawks have won 3 in a row in the playoffs before and they need to do it again starting tonight.  We will see what this team is made of tonight and hopefully the next  3 games.  Another 1st round elimination is not acceptable.