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Thank God For High Standards

By Greg Boysen

I finally get to write a post that combines my two favorite things, hockey and music! After looking at this year’s inductions and some of the artists already in the Rock N’ Roll HOF, I wondered what hockey players would make the Hall, if hockey had the same low standards. My feelings for a Hall of Fame, be it sports or music, is you have to have been the gold standard at your position or genre for a long period of time, or changed the face of your sport or music as a whole. Topping this years inductees were Guns N Roses, The Beastie Boys, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Faces and Laura Nyro. Not a very strong class in my musical opinion.

First let’s look at GNR. I love Guns N Roses, and have for a very long time. In fact, I still play Rocket Queen in local bars when the whiskey hits me just right. With that being said I don’t think they are Hall of Fame worthy. I love Al Secord, but he doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame either. Guns N Roses were the biggest band on the planet for about 4 years, and then faded away. They are to music as what Paul Kariya was to hockey. Do you think Kariya is a Hall of Famer? I don’t! He could have been if concussions didn’t reek havoc on his career. Much like GNR could have been something special for a long period of time if egos and addictions didn’t get in the way. And don’t tell me Guns still tours. That’s a fat Axl Rose playing with a cover band. No Slash and no Duff equals no Guns!

Someone want to tell me why the Beastie Boys are getting in? They don’t even play Rock n Roll!! If there was a Jewish rappers Hall of Fame, they would be a shoo in, but there isn’t. Does this mean Mathieu Schneider should be expecting a call from Toronto?

Don’t get me started on Red Hot Chilli Peppers! That band has been playing the same song for the last 15 years! Tie Domi had the same stale act for years too, but he’s not going into the Hall!

Did you know ABBA is the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame? Yes, Dancing freaking Queen is in the same museum as The Beatles, Elvis, The Stones and Buddy Holly. Are you kidding me? Did they throw them in just because they were the first band from Sweden to make it big? So going by that logic, Per Alexandersson should get in the Hockey HOF because he was the first player from Sweden to be drafted in the NHL.

Miles Davis is in the RnR HOF. Miles Davis is one of the greatest jazz musicians to walk the earth, so why is he in the Rock N Roll HOF? Does Michael Jordan get a plaque at the Hockey HOF now too?

If the Hockey HOF had the same standards we would be celebrating the careers of Eric Daze, Curt Fraser, Trent Yawney and Jeff Hackett! Thank God the Hockey Hall of Fame has better standards!