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Greg’s Report Cards: Duncan Keith

By Greg Boysen

GP     G    A    P   +/-    PIM    PPG   SHG   GWG   SOG   S%

74    4   36  40    15      42           1           0           1          162     2.5   Regular Season

6     0     1      1      1         2            0          0          0            16        0      Playoffs

Contract Status: Signed through 2022-23 ($5.5 million cap hit per year)

Remember right around this time last year when everyone said all Duncan Keith needs is a full summer off to return to Norris winning form? Yeah, not so much huh?  It is time to face the facts that Duncan Keith will not be the player he was in 2010.  With that being said, Keith is not a bad player by any means.  He is a top pairing defenseman, just not an “elite” one.  He still can play a ton of minutes.  He lead the team in ice time, averaging 26:54 a game which was over 2 minutes more than any other player.  At some point the Hawks will have to address Keith’s minutes if they want to increase the longevity of his career.  Duncan lead all defenseman with 40 points and was 3rd on the team with 36 assists.  His shooting percentage was a pitiful 2.5 %.  Keith needs to work on his shot this offseason.  How many times did we see Keith’s shots get blocked during the season?  If hitting opponents in the shin with the puck was a actual stat, I am pretty sure Duncs would lead the league.  Keith needs to do a better job and clearing bodies out of the crease and clearing the zone.  Duncan’s alter ego “Drunken Keith” made too many appearances this season.  I don’t expect Keith to win another Norris, but if he can clean it up in his own zone and improve his shot he will be a great player for years to come.

2011-2012 Final Grade: C