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Summer Assignment: Dave Bolland

By Keith Schultz






+/-  0

Penalty Minutes-47

Face Off wins%-48.4

Season Review- Dave Bolland had his healthiest season since 08-09 appearing in 76 games this season.  It’s hard to imagine that he was such a prolific scorer in Juniors, and it has not consistently translated to the NHL.  He does have great hands and has a scorer mentality which seems to demonize the fact that he’s also a good two-way center that usually is tasked to match up against the Number one scoring line of the opposition.  Bolland has the ability to be a top 6 player and his lackluster play during the regular season seems to be almost one of disinterest being stuck playing with the likes of Bickell’s and Scott’s and Frolik’s.  It’s as if he’s trapped with Joel Quenneville as his coach, knowing that he can never break out and be that 59 goals scorer with London Knights because he will always be checking the Sedin’s.  He is pesky and  an annoyance, but also prone to take a stupid penalty or two during the season.

Bolland was a good special teams player this season collecting 7 power play goals which is shocking that the Hawks miserable power play was even  able to muster 7 power play goals throughout the entire season.  He also had 3 short-handed goals which goes back to his scoring ability. He just should have more than 37 points in a season.

Playoffs is where Bolland shines!! He is a stud come April.  He centered by far the best line that the Chicago Blackhawks put on the ice against the Phoenix Coyotes.  He didn’t score but had 3 assists and and 0 +/-.   Besides Jonathan Toews, Bolland is the most dependable Hawk come playoff time and one that enjoys the playoff spotlight and assignments.

Contract- Bolland is signed through 2013-2014 for $3,375,000 a season

Future- Bolland makes money that top 6 guys make but only has regular season stats of a 3rd liner.  His name will come up a lot in trade rumors, but the truth is that when the #2 center on the Hawks team is named Marcus Kruger that the Hawks will not have much slack to move Bolland. Plus come playoff time he is too much of a gamer and defensive annoyance to give up unless a unbelievable offer is made.

Grade- B-  He is one of the few Hawks to play well on special teams and he centered the best line in the playoffs