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Greg’s Report Cards: Sean O’Donnell

By Greg Boysen

GP   G   A   P   +/-   PIM   PPG   SHG   GWG   SOG   S%

51     0    7    7   -6      23          0         0          0            30      0        Regular Season

2       0     0    0  -3       0            0         0          0           0         0        Playoffs

Contract Status:  Unrestricted Free Agent

When the Blackhawks brought in Sean O’ Donnell they were hoping he would be the 7th defenseman, and I was ok with that.  A good veteran presence with some grit to throw out there 30-35 times a year would be good.  Then I actually saw O’ Donnell play and there was not much to like.  Coach Q kept telling us he has experience, but experience can not overcome 40 year old legs.  Experience was the reason O’Donnell got the start in Game 1 versus the Coyotes.  He was on the ice for the overtime goals against the Hawks in both Game 1 and Game 4.  The Game 4 goal started when O’Donnell tried to pinch in when he had no business making that play.  His -6 was the second worse among defensemen, only Nick Leddy had a worse +/-.  I used to make fun of how slow Brent Sopel was by yelling at him to take the piano off his back.  O’Donnell made Sopel look like Viktor Stalberg!  I will give the guy some credit, he did show some heart and would stick up for his teammates but he just didn’t have much to offer to this team.

2011-2012 Final Grade: F