Blackhawks News

Summer Assignment: Andrew Brunette

By Keith Schultz






+/- -13

Penalty Minutes-4


Season Review-

The Chicago Blackhawks signed Andrew Brunette as a free agent to bring in a veteran presence to the team, and to bring to add some offensive talent on special teams to be in front of the net.   Brunette had four power play goals throughout the season but was not a big enough factor that was needed on one of  the worst  power plays in the NHL.  The book on Brunette was what the Hawks got for the season, SLOW!! His skill set never really fit the youth of the Blackhawks.  Brunette had his lowest point total since 1998-1999. So to say the experiment of Brunette with the kids was a disappointment would be an understatement.  For a team that is built around speed and puck possession it became obvious that the aged Brunette was not the fit the Hawks needed nor helped.  Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane have been in the NHL long enough and have won a Cup so that the Hawks keep bringing in “veteran presence” should be unnecessary and they should just concentrate on young, fast, and talented players, and let the young leaders lead the team!

Contract- Unrestricted Free agent

Future-At his season ending press conference he hinted that he might have played his last NHL game, but most assuredly Brunette will not be wearing a Blackhawks uniform again

Grade- C-  A few special team highlights but not special enough