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Summer Assignment: Daniel Carcillo

By Keith Schultz

Season Stats





+/- +10

Penalty Minutes-82



Season Review-

The most questionable signing for the Chicago Blackhawks entering the 2011-2012 season had to be that of Daniel Carcillo.  After trading away Troy Brouwer the Hawks didn’t have a physical presence besides Bryan Bickell so one has to assume that they brought Carcillo in to be the presence for the season.  Nicknamed the “Car Bomb” he is more like a ticking time bomb for opponents and teammates alike.   While starting the season with good behavior while getting to play on the 2nd line most of the nights everyone was waiting for something to change.  January 2 at the United Center was that changing night for Carcillo.  Carcillo boarded Edmonton Oilers defenseman Tom Gilbert and in the process tore up his knee and ended his season.  Carcillo was suspended for seven games and if you forgot about the hit, here is Brendan Shanahan’s video link  The Hawks left him a scratch for the 7 game suspension before putting him on injured reserve and announcing his season ending surgery.

The Hawks desperately need a physical presence on a nightly basis, but does Carcillo really fit? His age fits the Hawks need, but his skill set is questionable, but he does have the drive and energy and endless motor to be a successful Hawk if he doesn’t become selfish and put himself above team and possibly injuring opponents and himself.

Contract- Carcillo signed a 2 year extension with average of $825,000 per season

Future-Carcillo will have to tone down the Car Bomb antics and become a physical player in control.  He can be a successful bottom 6 player, but if he’s in top 6 then the Hawks will be in trouble and so will some random opponent.I was really hoping that this was a one year experiment gone bad, but GM Stan Bowman thought otherwise giving Carcillo a 2 year extension.  Now it’s like the family member that no one discusses at family events. People know about him but wish he wasn’t around, Out of sight out of mind well until training camp!!