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Summer Assignment: Michael Frolik

By Keith Schultz

Season Stats





+/- -10

Penalty Minutes- 22

Season Review-

Michael Frolik began the playoffs like the rest of us… well maybe from a better seat in the stadium, but he was stuck watching the Chicago Blackhawks make heroic comebacks in Game 1 and Game 2 in Phoenix.  Frolik got a chance to play thanks to Andrew Shaw running threw the very theatrical Phoenix  Coyotes goalie Mike Smith in Game 2.  Frolik being thrown in to the playoffs in Game 3 was the best forward on the ice for the Blackhawks for the next three games.  He collected a point in his each of his first three playoff games by using his speed and hustle throughout the series. Frolik had many chances throughout the playoff but only finished twice.   This is the quandary that is Michael Frolik.

After back to back 20 plus goal seasons for the Florida Panthers, since joining the Blackhawks in the middle of the 2010-2011 season Frolik has only collected 8 goals.  He has the speed and puck possession skills that fits this Chicago team but he always has a problem finishing and getting the puck in the net.  It was almost a nightly joke on Twitter about how many games Frolik could go without getting the puck into the back of the net.  History says he has the ability so what has been the difference since moving to the Windy City?  Line mates could be one reason, getting stuck in the bottom 6 may have stunted his scoring touch.  He may suffer from Bollanditist and only performs at top level when the playoff light shines bright.  He was nicknamed in his home country as Baby Jagr, if any comparisons to Jagr is ever to come even close, Frolik will have to capitalize on  a great playoff series and carry it over to the regular season!!

Contract- Frolik is signed through 2013-2014 for an average of $2,000,000

Future- Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde situation!  If Frolik carries over the good playoff push, then his future will be bright for the next couple seasons on this contract.  But if he plays and disappears for major times like he did during the regular season then there will be a lot of healthy scratches in his future and the large quantity of kids coming up from Juniors and Minors will quickly pass Frolik by

Grade- D+ Too much natural talent to have a 15 point regular season