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Greg’s Report Cards: Andrew Brunette

By Greg Boysen

GP   G   A   P   +/-   PIM   PPG   SHG   GWG   SOG   S%

78   12 15 27  -13      4          4           0           0          75      16      Regular Season

6        1    0   1    -3       0         0            0           0           7      14.3    Playoffs

Contract Status: Unrestricted free angent

I was happy when the Blackhawks signed Andrew Brunette to a one year contract last summer.  I thought he would be a good veteran forward with a little bit of grit that could be a presence on the power play unit.  Then we all saw that Bruno’s best days were far behind him.  He was only able to put up a very disappointing 27 points, is worst total since 1997-1998 when he only played 28 games.  He was only 2 years removed from a 61  point season and put up 46 last year in Minnesota.  I wasn’t expecting 60+ points but I didn’t see that big of a drop off coming.  His lack of speed killed him all season on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ice.  His -13 was the worst on the team.  He did show some flashes of the player he used to be.  He showed some good hands around the net and even made a few great passes to set up goals.  There just wasn’t enough of that and there wasn’t much life left in his 38 year old legs.

2011-2012 Final Grade:  D+